A superhero mission this Mother's Day.

At the time of writing, it has been seven hours since the first post to Morrisons and no reply. The social team, who are available 8am to 11pm, are more interested in comments on their cauliflowers. So me, Mr Walk In Our Shoes, has been on a super hero mission....

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Walk In Our Shoes, World Childless Week and a new look blog page!

The Walk In Our Shoes website has been so helpful this past week but for an entirely different reason to the ones you'd expect!

I've been working with Steph Phillips on World Childless Week. As you may remember, I wrote lots of posts and interviewed a number of Walk In Our Shoes supporters for the first World Childless Week last year and I was proud to support Steph on this venture....

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World Childless Week. Ouch, in response to comments that hurt.

It’s a reaction that I experience a lot. In my research and continued work with Walk In Our Shoes, Childless Hour and Walking Forwards Inspiration Group I hear of many irritations with people who try to fix by making suggestions. I’ve been told to adopt, try surrogacy, offered eggs and relax to help me find peace. Silence is, for me, probably the worst response because it feels like a shared discomfort that can make me question the validity of my feelings.

I absolutely know, that until I went on this journey and experienced miscarriages and failed IVF, that I too would have not known what to say. 

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