Amazing people you need to know about!

Walk In Our Shoes has a gallery of inspirational people from the Walking Forward Inspirational Network. I set up the group as a private area on Facebook away from the main page so that people can chat in confidence about moving forward and share links on skills they can share. We also have a very informal goal setting where we talk about the 'frog' we must eat each week and self-care moments. In our mid-week selfie, everyone can share their blogs and news so we can create a vibrant list of supporters. The group welcomes men and women but we do ask that the pre-joining questions are answered before we admit you to protect all our members. 

Walk In Our Shoes.png

Each month we have an inspirational member and this time it's Brandi from Not So Mommy which is one of the best blogs around in my opinion. Informative, honest and beautifully designed, it's a source of great information. You can read all about Brandi and our other members who wanted to share their story with you by clicking here

Can I also let you know that World Childless Week has launched the 2018 themes. Steph Phillips and her champions (Kenny and I are two of them along with Jody Day, Robin Hadley and Michael Hughes) are busy working on plans for the week. I've also created this planner which you can download from the website to share and from the Walk In Our Shoes Facebook page