What's coming up on Walk In Our Shoes...

Webinar and #ChildlessHour

I am so excited about tomorrow evening, Tuesday 23rd. Our lovely friends at More To Life are holding a series of fantastic webinars and I'm honoured to be holding a very special Childless Hour chat after each event, starting at 8pm GMT.

It's a great opportunity learn more about the road to recovery and then chat to others after it, about what you've learned, mull over any challenging points and perhaps share a plan. 

More To Life have published their calendar of events and it all starts tomorrow 7.30pm GMT with Andreia Trigo who was diagnosed with infertility aged 17. Using logotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, Andreia was able to create perspective, find meaning and live a fulfilling life. Last year she was awarded Life Coach of the Year so I'm sure we'll have lots to learn from her.

If you can't make the webinar, don't worry, please do come and join us as there will be the opportunity chat about anything you're worried about, get a few tips and probably share a few giggles and your news. 

Radio Stars

Nicci and Andrew Fletcher from CNBC magazine were on BBC Radio 5 Live this week with Jody Day from Gateway Women. As you may already know, Walk In Our Shoes was in the first issue and, in my design guise, I created their front cover... and Gateway Women were so supportive of Walk In Our Shoes when this was a scribble on a notepad in a lecture! So I was delighted to listen to them talking about our community and sharing their stories. All we can do together to collaborate and raise awareness is great. I love to see collaboration.

Speaking of which.... 

Stephanie Phillips whom many of you know from World Childless Week was on BBC Radio Scotland today talking about what the campaign means to her and it's impact. You can find out about that here

And finally!

May I remind you about the Walking Forward Inspirational Network? This group began last year and since Christmas has become very busy. It's a safe space on Facebook which welcomes men and women who are childless for any reason and seeking support in finding a plan B. Chat, share goals and all free from mumtrepreneurs. Do come and join us if you think this suits you. 

Have a great week!