Friday find: a Thunderclap that we can all support

We have teamed up with World Childless Week and delighted to share this Thunderclap with you, do sign up to get behind this fantastic event and don't forget to share!

What is a Thunderclap? Social media can be a powerful instrument if people engage with your site, mention your work and refer it to other potential users (or customers). It becomes even more powerful when many people do this at the same time. This is where Thunderclap comes in: instead of having your campaign mentioned now and then on Facebook or Twitter, many people supporting your Thunderclap campaign focuses the effect. So you can see how it can be used for World Childless Week! The Thunderclap app collects all posts and tweets and publishes all of them in the very same moment. It is an effective way to get our message out to as many people as possible, because aggregating the posts allows breaking through the “noise” of general news. In other words: If we succeed it’s all over the networks and potentially all over the social web.

So please do check the link and read what Nicci at Voice of Infertility has to say on this event which is taking place between 11th and 17th September.