The Childless Hour Twitter account  home page

The Childless Hour Twitter account  home page


Childless Hour is a Twitter chat that's been taking place every Tuesday from 8pm until 9pm (GMT), even over the Christmas week when it was more popular than ever. It is hosted by me, Berenice. All you need is a Twitter account, to find our account and follow us. On each Tuesday make sure you're logged in and viewing the latest messages and you can see what we're talking about. You can join in by replying to any message. Just ensure you have #childlesshour in your reply.

There's more about how to get involved with chats here and a video link here.  You can also pop me any questions here but please do not worry if it's busy, or you're not sure. I encourage you to dive in and let us know if you're new and we'll look out for you.

We love new faces and you'll get to chat with some lovely 'regulars' such as Fertility Network's More to Life, Andrew and Nicci Fletcher  from The CNBC magazine and World Childless Week's Stephanie Phillips, and of course me!

The chat is deliberately informal because the rollercoaster of life during or after knowing about involuntary childlessness is complex. We may talk about something in the news, an exhibition that someone has seen or hosting or a specific blog. Coming up on 23rd January we're talking about More to Life's webinar in a post-viewing 'after party' so that More to Life can get feedback and develop the series. And, since the chat started to support World Childless Week, then we'll have lots of features coming up.

If you have an event and would like to share more than we prefer that you're a regular chatter. This avoids the chat becoming a promotional dumping ground as chat is about sharing and involvement. Persistent promotions are blocked as this can be upsetting to our members who are at different stages. 

In return, tag any content on Twitter with #childlesshour and all followers are retweeted. So you can grow your audience too.

January calendar

As well as general chat, we have a theme each week. I also ask everyone to share a self care moment they did for them or an act of kindness for someone.

January is all about keeping our energy going after the holidays.

Tuesday 9th January - good sleeping

How can we sleep better? Its' a common myth that childless sleep better as we're not woken up by children. This simply isn't true so what we can share on how to get a better night of kip?

Tuesday 16th - this chat is moving to the earlier time of 7pm GMT

We are talking exercise. What do you do to get moving?

Tuesday 23rd January - this chat is back at 8pm GMT

This chat is dedicated to mental health and we talk about the More to Life webinar. To find out more and join the webinar please go to this link.

Tuesday 30th January - this chat starts at 8pm GMT

We'll be chatting about decluttering. Disorder can drain us, share those tips on chucking it out and what to keep. 

I look forward to chatting with you soon.