S's adoption story

I have long wanted to share a story from a friend who had adopted. I know many who have decided to try adoption as a way to parenthood or have embarked on this after IVF treatment. The author of this piece wrote to me with her story which I hope you'll find as moving as I did. It offers an insight into the incredibly complex feelings that come with adopting a child and for me, an understanding of why it's a different route to IVF or ICSI and why they are not substitutes.

With much love and thanks to 'S' for her bravery in sharing her story which you can read here. It's beautifully written and as always, I feel honoured to share your words.

World Childless Week and Walk In Our Shoes are teaming up and we’d love you to get involved. At Fertility Fest 2018, Berenice from Walk In Our Shoes talked about the importance of sharing our stories for others to read and spoke about her friendship with Steph the founder of World Childless Week. Publishing our words enables us to build our community, learn from each other and share our experiences with society. Honest writing comes from the heart and our stories are as unique and as beautiful as a forget-me-not, the logo of World Childless Week.

We would love you to plant forget-me-not seeds and take a “feet selfie” where you plant the seeds or when they flower and tell us your experiences on Walk In Our Shoes, and during World Childless Week because our stories are our legacy.

With love

Steph and Berenice