World Childless Week statistics and a BIG thank you!

I have been checking on the Twitter stats for my friends who ran World Childless Week and a few figures for you if you like a bit of data (like me!) 

  • The hashtag World Childless Week received 1,213.685 impressions. Twitter impressions are described as the delivery of a post or tweet to an accounts Twitter stream so that's a lot of posts!
  • The tag peaked on 16th September at 11.45am.
  • This website was in the top 8 of content posted and read with the #worldchildlessweek along with the main Facebook and websites for World Childless Week, our friends at Ageing Without Children and just ahead of us.
  • The UK was the highest amount of traffic but Australia, Africa and USA all contributed a lot too.
  • 65.3% of posts were retweeted.
  • 15.9% of those were 'loved'.
  • 42% of you shared from a desktop computer and a further 25% were on iPhones!
  • The gender balance is still high with women, with 80% of content on Twitter coming from accounts held by women.

Finally, Walk in Our Shoes hit a high of 3,500 website page views last week. The site kept up over 2,000 each day which is incredible. Thank you so much - if just one person reads this site and says it made a difference then I'm happy so you can imagine the joy from reading the stats for this website.

One last favour. If you're on Facebook then head over here and sign up for next year. Imagine what we can do in 2018!