Being ill and a new gallery entry all about endometriosis

It's been very quiet on here, February 18th was the last time I wrote anything which is very tardy. 

I've been really ill. Big Style poorly with twelve days so far in bed. I'm a long, long way from being better. I shouldn't probably be on a laptop and to be honest it's taken me four days to write this post and I'm finishing with the aid of extra strong painkillers, paracetamol and difficult-to-swallow antibiotics. It's been described as 'influenza + low oxygen' on my sick note but these three words don't feel adequate to cover a brief trip to hospital when I simply couldn't breath but rather pant like Molly in hot weather, lots of yucky phlegm, sickness and loss of appetite. I've been too ill to see the downstairs of my home in over a week as the stairs leave me exhausted. All one flight of them! It's made me wonder if those of us who went through IVF are left more open to illness as I've already had a flu jab. I don't know enough evidence on this and trying not turn into a hypochondriac (because I'll never mistake a cold for flu again!) but when I do get a bug, I tend to get it good and proper.

This means my mind hasn't been on the things that perhaps you might be worrying about, which I am sure will include Mother's Day for those of us in the UK. I wanted to let you know that #childlesshour twitter chat will be running next Sunday with a photo challenge set during the week so if you need to untangle a difficult day we'll be there to support you. Can I also let you know that Stephanie at World Childless Week has a great letter to download to share with churches to raise awareness of inclusivity in their services? I hope you'll find it useful.

Walk In Our Shoes paw of reassurance news Mothers Day illness.png

All this March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and I have a new entry in our gallery. Jamie talks more about her life with this condition and what her future holds. I'm very grateful that she shared this with us and I hope you find it useful.

In the meantime I have Molly and the ever reliable Mr S both looking after me. I hope you like this photo which I call the 'paw of reassurance' and my rather cozy if not glam, welly socks which kept the worse of the cold away, as if 24kg of labrador snuggled up wasn't enough!