About a dog

Throughout my childhood my grandparents had dogs. There was Penny, Pixie, Lulu, Topsy and 12 puppies born to their rescue dog mum, Lady. As kids my cousins and my brother played with them and took them for walks. Christmas was particularly memorable for dressing up dogs in tea towels and having them pose as nativity animals. When I think about growing up, four legs feature as much as humans, even though my parents never had one themselves (not for the want of trying on the part of my brother and myself).

I suppose it was always inevitable that I would have a dog but I didn't think it would be in such sad circumstances. I worried that I'd resent it for not being a child and being the 'plan B'.

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National Fertility Awareness Week #IVFis40 what does this mean to us?

It’s 40 years since 10 November 1977 when Louise Joy Brown – the world’s first IVF baby - was conceived. Today Fertility Network UK are commemorating the anniversary by sharing #IVFis40 facts, milestones and memories, including when IVF does not work.

I was in my parents kitchen and heard that Louise Brown had been born. I thought that was weird - does she look like a test tube, how do you get a baby out of test tube?! This was before I knew about the facts of life, and I went back to annoying my brother probably. Either way, it was a bit of news that passed me by mostly.

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National Fertility Awareness Week #IVFGoldStandard why it matters to you and me

This week it's National Fertility Awareness Week and I write this post with a heavy heart because where I live we have no funding and we are failing on the IVF Gold Standard. This means that anyone who wants to go through the doors of Bourn Hall, the founding place of pioneering treatment must pay thousands per cycle to do so. If you're a reader of this blog, then you'll know that my husband and I spoke out in the local press about this. 

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Tips on how to support an involuntary childless friend this season

That's a crap title but I wanted to get your attention as someone who perhaps has children or has chosen to not have children. I am sure that it's hard knowing what to say or do when you have a friend who is involuntarily childless. I often think of how much I'd hate to be the person having to cope with me when I was at my lowest. This piece was written during World Childless Week but wasn't posted until now as I think it's more timely. I hope it's useful.

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Gratitude sticks

I had to share this amazing idea with you. I met a lovely friend for lunch recently. I know she reads this blog so I that she recognises herself though I won't name her. She's starting up in a new business and I'm always amazed by her wonderful ideas to keep herself motivated.

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21st century man

A date for your diary. If you've wondered how the modern man copes with the challenges from hidden voices to childlessness, then you'll be interested in this conference on 8th November. Speaking is Dr Robin Hadley whose pioneering research has given a voice to men who are struggling with infertility.

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Our story

We went into the loft today and found some boxes. The video (a first on Walk In Our Shoes) explains the rest. It felt like good timing having read an email that arrived telling me that the availability of IVF on the NHS is the reason the world is so overpopulated. It's not been the most pleasant of days and this find wasn't the nicest and it shook me. But I firmly believe in talking about IVF and infertility, so here is a bit of our journey.

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Updated links

We've updated our links page to include groups that have helped us along the way and some suggestions. If you have a blog you think will help others, run a site that's help you and you want to share please do comment below or drop a line.

There are so many ways to help, and it's great to get recommendations. 

Thank you.