We can't deny the impact of our Plan B

The troubling narrative I’ve seen in parts of our community is that we’re excused of eco crimes because we have no next generation and, more disturbing is that we’re doing our bit because we’re not having children, mixing up the narrative between childfree and not by choice. If you’ve endured the heatwave that’s spread across Europe this year, watched water levels drop last summer or seen photos of polar bears stranded on melting ice flows, then be certain that this isn’t about the next generation. This is us, right now.

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Support for childless men on Father's Day

Support for #childless men on #FathersDay If you’re part of our community, you maybe well understand that it’s incredibly difficult for men to talk about childlessness and infertility. Social standards don’t appear to have changed to the degree that society can accept that men will be childless by circumstance and many endure a private turmoil. And it’s not just the painful comments around ‘jaffa’ and getting the right woman (all things we’ve heard).

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Coping with Royal baby news

Our carefully balanced emotions can easily be upset by baby news. At the time of writing this, a baby was due to be born in the Royal Family to Prince Harry and his wife Megan. We may have been here before with other newsworthy people and I’m going to predict it’s the lead story in most world news. I don’t begrudge them a baby and hope that all is well. It’s rarely the baby that’s the problem but attitudes that surround the news.

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Invitation to a webinar

Join Berenice, founder of Walk In Our Shoes with Steph Phillips, founder of World Childless Week and conversation with Sarah Lawrence from After the Storm and Helen Segal who runs workshops called 'Grieve with Love and Kindness’. Helen taught art for 13 years and is a graduate of Integrative Art Therapy and a qualified teacher. She’s also a member of Gateway Women. She’ll be sharing her advice on creative ways to heal with us.

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#NotoMothersDayPR, why we should all have a choice.

“Anna Jarvis had initially worked with the floral industry to help raise Mother’s Day’s profile, by 1920 she had become disgusted with how the holiday had been commercialized. She outwardly denounced the transformation and urged people to stop buying Mother’s Day flowers, cards and candies.” Now I’d like to see a choice on social media and in our inboxes.

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More To Life webinar on catch up

Last week I was thrilled to be part of the More To Life webinar series. This series offers free digital access, in the comfort of home surroundings, to expert opinion and advice on tackling the diverse range of issues that manifest when living without children. All support and information is tailored to help the More to Life community achieve the most fulfilling life possible. You can watch my video below.

To listen to other recordings in the series and see what’s coming up, you can head over to their main page here where you can also register.

With many thanks to Heather and all the More To Life team who work so hard to support all of us.

Fertility In the Workplace

Whatever our fertility story, we all may have stayed in hopeless jobs with no prospects because of maternity rights. As our dreams of being mothers or fathers were replaced by desperate longing, so our self confidence and worth nosedives. Employers and business leaders have many ways to help those dealing with fertility issues if we can have a conversation about it.

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Childlessness and the menopause

I’ve been reading a lot about the menopause recently. There’s been some interesting coverage on television about this big change, but often aimed at a mothers. My own mum felt like she has sailed through but I’m nervous. I’ve really stuck my head in the sand about it all. Partly because it does mean no hope… what does it mean to be childless and menopausal?

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