Amazing people I know: Jody Day

Way way way back in 2012 I was trying to come to terms with life. When I saw the phrase ‘living a life unexpected’ I had to follow those words to their source and found Gateway Women. Then I found Jody Day and started to watch her videos. I found a community that instantly made me feel less alone. Until that point, I knew of nobody else. In the small Facebook group, I was the only one whose treatment or pregnancy failed.

I joined her community in Google and have stayed there ever since. I’m not as active as I was, but that’s down to Jody’s support and influence. Her book, Living the Life Unexpected was a godsend in the dark days when I really struggled and the private community group enabled me to cope when I simply couldn’t handle Facebook. Periodically I do drop off social media (less so now I manage it better), but I know Gateway Women is there for me as a safe place. That it stays a safe place when Jody is in demand, is down to her wonderful administrators and her ethos.

Over the years we’ve chatted about everything online, from events to design to support. Jody has always been part of my journey, post IVF. When I finally got to meet her at Fertility Fest, it was like meeting a close friend. Since then we’ve been on group chats for World Childless Week and her words of wisdom and experience are invaluable and given generously.

I don’t think I’m at acceptance yet but whenever I doubt myself, I look to Jody and know I have a role model and a good friend.

Have you met Jody? Are you part of Gateway Women?