Inspired to share your story?

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The Walk In Our Shoes gallery has featured unique stories about dealing with families, best friends, new directions, being childless in later life. And I would love you to be part of this unique site.

You can write on any theme you wish.  You might want to share your mental health advice, articulate the struggles of loss, explain about you coped or if you didn’t, share your feelings, thank a friend or your significant other for their support, or bust a myth. I recommend a maximum of 500 words but it’s not a rule, it can be more or less, as much as you want to share. What matters is that you feel you want to and you know it'll help others. You can read more on the testimonials page here.  

  • Put on your most comfortable or powerful shoes, the ones that bring you happiness, and take a photo with your phone. Or I can use a stock image from a suitable site instead.
  • Copy your words into the comment box below, attached the photo from your photo library and click send.  
  • You don't have to supply an email address unless you want to and any data is kept on the secure server. I don't even know your IP address. 

I am not a writer or a blogger

That doesn't matter at all. Walk In Our Shoes isn't about writing professionally and it's not a competition either. Write what comes to your heart and in your mind and don't worry about the grammar. It's not a problem if you're not a blogger, in fact that's why Walk In Our Shoes was set up, because not everyone wants to blog about this and you may wish to have a private space to share your feelings or your story without having to give your name.  I have shared some writing tips from the community here to help you

What happens next?

  • The email arrives with me, nobody else. 
  • I will check the punctuation and adjust any 'text speak' - purely so it's suitable for our global audience. But I won't edit or swap your words, they remain true to you.
  • I'll add to the site and share to our audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
  • Walk In Our Shoes does have a social media advertising programme so you may see your feet image pop up in a promotion. All the advertising for Walk In Our Shoes is targeted to infertility groups. 
  • If at anytime you want to remove your story, just pop me an email.