Wow! We've only been listed as a One To Watch!

I am so very thrilled to announce that I've been listed as a One To Watch in an awards scheme hosted by Cofinitive, a global communications agency who asked Barclays Eagle Labs Incubator (part of Barclays Bank), Women4Tech, The Bradfield Centre, St John's Innovation Centre, Impact WN, Allia Business Centre, Anglia Ruskin University Reactor and Cambridge Wireless to judge innovators in our area. I was nominated for Walk In Our Shoes.

Known as a region of innovation, Cambridge digital tech is twice as dense as the average cluster with 15,500 jobs and £2.4bn turnover according to the Tech Nation 2018 Report. But success, innovation and turnover are nothing without people.

Behind the figures are bright, original and creative individuals who accelerate the pace of change, pushing both technology and industry to constantly evolve. Below you’ll see people who are firing up this #OnetoWatch list with their insight and expertise.
— Cofinitive

You can read the full list of people on the Cofinitive website right here. I can’t tell you how pleased I am, this means so much as it’s right on my doorstep. Cambridge is a wonderful place to live, full of exciting opportunities but it’s very easy to get lost in the volume of pioneers and innovators. It’s also very easy to live in the shadow of the University and feel disconnected so to stand tall with the great and good of our city is an incredible moment for me.

I know that the judges do great work in their fields, through funding and providing advice and workplaces. This is a great opportunity to share your stories to a wider audience and to grow Walk In Our Shoes so it can continue to pioneer social change.

A million thanks to all the story tellers who have been on this journey with me. This award is really for you.