Childlessness and the menopause

I’ve been reading a lot about the menopause recently. There’s been some interesting coverage on television about the effects of it but often aimed at a mothers. My own mum felt like she has sailed through but I’m nervous. I’ve really stuck my head in the sand about it all. Partly because it does mean no hope.. you’d think that many years of infertility would have me past this thought, but I am genuinely worried about my mental health. Then there are the side effects.

I feel that this year I do need to wake up about this and start to read more. If you’re as nervous as me, then I’d like to hear from you. I also wanted to share a few blogs with you, let’s tackle this together.

The first is written by Linda Rooney who shares her experiences on No Kidding in NZ. It’s a great blog and her post about the childless menopause is an honest and personal account. I also have to thank Linda for sharing this link to an article by the author Jane Hill who wrote about the despair of the menopause for The Standard Issue.

Jody Day writes about the menopause and also covers some of the key points raised at Fertility Myths on Gateway Women here.

Nia Fisher runs the Lotus Network. She gave a talk in 2018 on the effects of the early menopause for the Daisy Network. Here’s the link to the video.

Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos wrote a post for her excellent website ‘Silent Sorority’ called The Change: For Reals, based on her experiences of the menopause. I love her inspired post here too. Read it to feel empowered.

Finally, I also wanted to mention Jessica Hepburn’s work in telling the truths about fertility and how important it is that young women understand fertility. I hadn’t realised how quickly our fertility declines, I’m just thankful that I began trying in my twenties but even at 35 I felt I hope and spent my 40th birthday undergoing egg extraction. Since meeting Jessica, reading her book and reading her articles, I have learned a lot more about fertility and that I probably should have been in a spa on my 40th or the pub. You can read an interview with her here and this is Jessica's website.

Do you have any experiences on the menopause that you’d like to share with Walk In Our Shoes? I welcome guest blog posts and you can also share your story on our blog post with a feet selfie. Please do get in touch or comment below.

Best wishes