7 blogs that Walk In Our Shoes recommends you read this Christmas

It’s always good to share coping strategies and I love how the community pull together to share each other’s links. I’ll be posting on social media but here’s my top seven. If you have written a blog that helps those who are childless not by choice, please do comment below so I can share.

  1. Andrea Trigo from Infertile Life and IVF Babble published this advice, mostly aimed at those who are going through fertility treatment but the advice is very relevant.

  2. Gateway Women have lots of advice on their site but the one I like is this one here.

  3. Jody Day from Gateway Women also told me about Lisa Manterfield and Kathleen Guthrie Wood’s Holiday Survival Guide which you can read here.

  4. Shannon Norberg has written this on her site Mothering Your Heart. She also offers workshops so do take time to explore her site.

  5. Meriel Whale is a fellow World Childless Week champion and runs a counselling service. She always has wide words to share and I’ve know her online for years. I love her blog and enjoyed this article on curating Christmas.

  6. Sarah Lawrence writes about handling the dreaded C word at After The Storm here.

  7. Lesley Pyne is such a inspiration and I had to share her blog with you. Read her reflection on Christmas here.