Friday find: resources for men

I use the phrase 'unsung heroes' for men who are living with involuntary childlessness and coming to terms with infertility. If resources and conversation around support for women need to be more mainstream then they can feel invisible for men. Hence, unsung heroes. 

Fortunately there are some great sites and researchers out there providing invaluable work to change that perception. I know from feedback for this site that these resources provide comfort and information to our male contributors and their friends and family, helping to push past feeling of isolation. So here are a few resources that we'll be adding to our links page. Do please note that some of these are run by parents who have gone onto conceive children through IVF or ICSI so there maybe baby related content. 

Dr. Robin Hadley has been researching male infertility and older men. You can find out more about his work here 

An honest account of life during IVF from new dad James. Find out more here 

The amazing Fertility Network UK have lots of advice here and dedicated forums.

Two useful blogs that explain about the infertility journey from the man's point of view here and here 

A great video from BBC News which was broadcast as part of National Infertility Week here

Finally, Gareth Down has spoken publicly about his infertility and used his experience to create a Facebook group here

If you know anymore then do get in touch and we'll add them too. And as always if you have a real life story to share on our gallery, please do get in touch. Our gallery provides a much needed safe space to talk about a wide range of issues around involuntary childlessness.