Friday find: resources for men

I use the phrase 'unsung heroes' for men who are living with involuntary childlessness and coming to terms with infertility. If resources and conversation around support for women need to be more mainstream then they can feel invisible for men. Hence, unsung heroes. 

Fortunately there are some great sites and researchers out there providing invaluable work to change that perception. I know from feedback for this site that these resources provide comfort and information to our male contributors and their friends and family, helping to push past feeling of isolation.

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IVF funding cuts

There is an assumption that IVF is a luxury and this has been said to me many times. That children are not essential for living. For us, a luxury is a holiday, a nice meal out or a concert. Luxury is not handing over the best part of my bank balance, raging headaches from hormone treatment, bruised skin from 120 injections or spending two weeks panic stricken waiting for a positive pregnancy test that may never come. Children are not essential we agree, but solutions to painful infertility problems and the option to be try to be a parent are an ethical right and surely have been since IVF was created.

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