Time To Change

We are having a holiday which is why the blog has been a little quieter than usual. It's been great to spend time together but with leading busy lives, reconnecting isn't always easy. Life carries on outside the holiday bubble (two pregnancy announcements, one invite to a christening and a wedding), so issues of sensitivity and care to good mental health matter even at this time. Holidays may make us reassess our goals, relationships and careers too or takeaway habits from the new daily structure - mine is at least one evening with no television, it's been blisss switching it off and planning out each day. I've also enjoyed the peace of our surroundings too. 

Checking in in our mental health reminded me of the work of Time To Change. I haven't mentioned them on the blog before which is not good! I like this site for good, accessible tips that are practical, plus case studies across a wide demographic. The site also talks about PTSD which is increasing recorded in involuntarily childless men and women. Do take a moment to explore the site this week here.