Mental health issues caused by infertility after IVF or ICSI treatment failure

To do this subject justice, I would need to write a book or two as there are so many variations of mental health problems with different causes and whether or not people have them before or after infertility treatment.  People may be infertile due to many different factors and may not have found a partner to have children with and so are childless by circumstance.  Then there is the treatment itself and the methods, hormones and medications used and their effects on mental health.  There are also those people who choose not to have treatment or cannot afford it or cannot access it.  With all this, are society’s expectations that we should have children and the stigma associated with this when we find that we cannot.    

I am focusing on my mental health problems as a result of having discovered that both my husband and I are infertile.   The subsequent treatment we received and the fact that this failed to result in us having a baby.  

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Friday find: resources for men

I use the phrase 'unsung heroes' for men who are living with involuntary childlessness and coming to terms with infertility. If resources and conversation around support for women need to be more mainstream then they can feel invisible for men. Hence, unsung heroes. 

Fortunately there are some great sites and researchers out there providing invaluable work to change that perception. I know from feedback for this site that these resources provide comfort and information to our male contributors and their friends and family, helping to push past feeling of isolation.

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