Tips on how to support an involuntary childless friend this season

That's a crap title but I wanted to get your attention as someone who perhaps has children or has chosen to not have children. I am sure that it's hard knowing what to say or do when you have a friend who is involuntarily childless. I often think of how much I'd hate to be the person having to cope with me when I was at my lowest. This piece was written during World Childless Week but wasn't posted until now as I think it's more timely. I hope it's useful.

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Handling those back to school pics and the royal news

Today is tough. This week is going to be tough. It's back to school week and Buckingham Palace  bring news of a third child. I hesitate to post this because if you've not seen already you know now. But I suspect you'll hear very soon as the universe places hope on happy news over the wider world which isn't a good place. But I hope that sharing it here with some advice makes that easier. 

As anyone who follows this site often maybe already knows, I don't support parent 'bashing'. I know from good friends that it's hard to bring up children, really tough and those good friends also know that I've been through a lot too. Mutual respect for the challenges we face is far far better than picking holes in each other but only through honest conversations which takes courage.

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