Stepping out of the comfort zone can be good for mental health

It's very easy to stay in the places and routines in which we are safe. Certainly in those difficult weeks and months as we may have to come to terms with a life we were never expecting, it's a good thing to do, it can help us gain emotional strength.

As time passes, it can be useful to test our boundaries. That's not to say that what we've experienced is gone and we are 'over it'. I don't know about you, but my story is part of my life narrative and I have no wish to hide that. But gently pushing ourselves can see how far we've come or see if we need more support in certain areas. 

This month I decided to write a guest post for Kate On Thin Ice. Kate is a mum with a very active website, a strong presence on social media channels and covers issues that relate to all women in the 25-55 age group. I also loved her wide range of guests too. 

When I spoke to her on email, I like her way of speaking that is reflected in her down to earth blog. I have been looking for a website where I could share my story for a long time. One big difference about Walk In Our Shoes is that I want to get the site out there to parents and childfree so that we can learn from each other. Kate's posts all go out onto MumsNet and NetMums too. These are all audiences that I would love to read Walk In Our Shoes because sharing and educating is a great step towards understanding and respect.

In the long run it feels like a positive step, going away from the audience I know, to one I don't and seeing what responses I get from my words. 

I hope you like the post, the link is here and you'd be doing me proud if you have the time to comment, like or share it.