Mental health issues caused by infertility after IVF or ICSI treatment failure

I have met so many women and men who are affected by mental health problems as a result of IVF and ICSI failure. These complex issues bind us together, and affect those who are childless for other reasons too. I am very honoured to share this incredibly honest and moving account from Liz with you. 

I haven't met Liz but our paths have crossed many times. She's been a constant cheerleader for openness and Walk In Our Shoes so this post has extra emotion. Her story is especially compelling because she explains more about ICSI, which is often confused with IVF. This adds another level of pressure onto couples and her emotions remind me so much of how I felt at the time too.

You can read Liz's story here.  

If you would like to write for Walk In Our Shoes, I'm really interested in hearing from anyone who has been friends with another infertile person, or couple who went onto be a parent. How did your friendship change? Are you still friends? Please do get in touch, here's how.