World Childless Week

Can you help? 

As part of World Childless Week, the team is arranging for a series of Zoom chats to be recorded about the insensitive comments that the childless-not-by-choice frequently have to deal with. This year, the focus is on:

1. Have you considered adoption?
2. It wasn't in Gods plan.
3. No kids, lucky you!
4. No kids, do you want mine?

I'm getting involved and I'd love to see you too. There will be a series of recording comprising a few chats per comment which will be edited together to make one chat video per comment involving people from around the world. 

If you want to take part in these please pop a comment below, email us or reply by Facebook message or DM on Twitter.  Please reply by 2300 BST on Sunday 10th September it would be appreciated as we need to work out the schedule as soon as possible. Please let us know the following information:

* the comment(s) you would like to talk about
* the time zone where you live
*Any day/times on Monday or Tuesday when you CAN'T be involved.

If you can't please do look out for the official posts which can be found by searching the hashtag  #worldchildlessweek You can also use these lovely images on your FB profile pics which include the website address for World Childless Week!