Childless Hour Twitter chat how to guide

A few people have asked for a video on how to log into and take part in a Twitter Chat. There are lots of really useful links out there but this is my very ad-hoc guide to Tweet Deck. 

I recommend taking a look on You Tube ad searching on 'TweetDeck' and that'll give a much greater understanding. Mostly importantly don't be shy! A few tips if you're nervous!

  • Saying hello is a great way to break the ice and it also means we know you're there.
  • Don't forget to include the hashtag #childlesshour, this means your message becomes part of the threads and easier for you and me to find each other.
  • Join in if you like, you will see icebreakers cards and question cards to get us talking, but you can chat about anything you like.
  • There isn't any obligation to share your journey or story.
  • Share your work, any links or blogs with tact, no spamming or heaps of memes.
  • Yell if you are lost or catch up with me on direct message after the chat.
  • Any questions, or things you'd like to talk about do get in touch via Twitter or here, it's lovely to get your feedback
  • It's never as scary as you think! I hadn't hosted a Twitter Chat at all, just taken part in them so we're all learning together.