One Million Lovely Letters

Watching amazing @jodiannbickley and her One Million Lovely Letters . She was speaking about a couple who wrote to her after they had a scan at 6 months and were told there was no heartbeat for their first baby. The mother wrote to ask if it would be okay. Jodie's response is incredibly moving because she knows that sometimes it's not okay which is very important. She bases her reply on the focus of strength and admiration of strength. This is so strong.

For many men and women I have met who have been through infertility, loss, IVF and all the many many ways that bring us to a life without children, having a person with you who understands that it take courage to get through the day means so much doesn't it? I guess that's a huge reason behind Walk In Our Shoes, to find a connection and feel less alone - for you and me. Empty platitudes - it'll get better, give it time, just relax, adopt and all those phrases we've heard - can affect the strength that we forget we have. One of my closest friends who is on here - Lindsay - swears as much as I do and is one of the most wonderfully honest people I know. When it's crap, she's there agreeing with me and making me feel supported. 

You may not want to write a letter, but maybe take a moment to reach out and share the burden. Ring a friend, tweet or email. Send a postcard.