Inspirational wellness: growing

A tree in our front garden has died. It was here when we moved into the house. The garden had been neglected for twenty years but we keep uncovering treasures as we picked our way through and this tree was one of them. 

At Christmas we decorated it with lights and in the spring the blossom was beautiful, summer should see luscious leaves that fall to the ground in a carpet of burnt orange. And last week we cut down the last trunk. Some sort of growth affected it we can see. It may survive but I am not so sure. 

I don't know that involuntary childlessness is the tree we have to cut down and the rose is our strength but nature has a funny way of surprising us. Below the tree are roses and they've struggled for daylight under the canopy. Despite the rain, they've begun to bloom again with the extra sun. A new focus point.

This reminds me of Eleanor's post here, where she speaks of finding new ways to grow her relationship with her mother by sharing new interests. 

Do you have any interests that have help you move forward, I'd love to know as it helps us all take a small step forward.