Inspirational wellness: new routines

In the months after IVF I found triggers in unexpected places. These included a walk I used to take by the river when I needed to escape the house and in fact, the house we live in. For some, a complete change of scene is the only way forward but for many, it's not practical because of finances or work. I found small changes in my life shifted me along to a gradual awareness of what I had been though and what my future may now hold. I wanted to share three things that helped me:

  1. I went into charity shops I hadn't visited before and bought different books. I got a few different cookbooks and tried out different food. 
  2. Adopting a pet. That said, Molly's arrival was a huge lifestyle change. If you aren't sure then charities like The Cinnamon Trust and any shelter welcomes voluntary dog walkers. And cats are great too.
  3. I started to listen to different music on Spotify and re-tuned my car radio
  4. I tried to learn Cornish because... well you can learn any language online! 

Chons da!