What's walking your way?

The Childless Hour Twitter chat continues to grow with new faces each week. Last week we learned about a condition that affects infertility that was unknown to us and talked about raising awareness. Tonight we're talking about the girl power on the anniversary of women gaining the vote in the UK. The calendar has been provisionally updated here. Please do look out for a change to the time when Childless Hour runs which will start from March. 

The Walking Forward Inspirational Network is also very busy. We had a successful 'ask the designer' chat and will be running a group collaboration on Pinterest this month. Do please follow the link to join us, men and women are welcome.

I have also agreed to talk about Walk In Our Shoes at an event in March in Cambridge - more on this soon! I am also going to be spending a little time on gently promoting the site in the coming months to spread awareness. I'm very careful about this as the whole ethos is our privacy but it's great to use the wonderful content to share honest accounts with like-minded audiences in small spaces. 

I am also excited to be talking to some fellow bloggers on guest content so you'll see more links and guest posts coming up. 

I also have some lovely new stories coming up for the gallery, and would love to hear from anyone with words to share. You really don't have to be a writer, I'm happy to help you with your words and never think you have nothing to say. Everyone I have met who is involuntary childless has a story to share. And remember it's confidential so unless you tell me, I won't know your name or email address. 

If you have an event you'd like me to speak at, or an online webinar you'd like me to host please do get in touch. I'm also growing the listings sections so please share your blog or group if you'd like to be added.