Do you want to write for Walk In Our Shoes?

Why write for Walk In Our Shoes?
You will have a featured post, reach out to our rapidly growing audience and gain link backs to your site and social media accounts. Guest posting helps you to share your knowledge with people on a different platform, building new relationships. 

Here are is a link for details of why guest blogs are useful. 

Walk In Our Shoes often features guest posts from like minded people who share the similar ethos of hope and inspiration.  The site welcomes contributions from authors in the field of loss and involuntary childlessness, events, healing, managing grief and recognised therapies. We love to hear from fellow bloggers and those who run support groups as our ethos is one of sharing.

Articles are around 500 words minimum, written in English, your original work and sent to us in Word (contact the site for our email address). Your work maybe edited prior to publication. Images that are Creative Commons must have source details and supplied as PNG files.