Walking Forward

Walk In Our Shoes has an 'off shoot' community. Over on Facebook, I've set up a group that's designed for planners, dreamers and entrepreneurs who are coming to terms with involuntary childlessness and thinking about their plan B. You might be scribbling on a post-it note, talking about funding or already in business and in need of a safe place to share your worries and get inspiration.

It's safe from 'mum-trepreneurs' or 'dad-trepreneurs', with men and women who share your same concerns about time management, needing a break and all the issues that come with taking those next steps. Each Monday we share goals, and on Friday we share gifs and talk about our dreams. It's very informal and sharing our websites and social media is welcome - indeed encouraged! 

Established by me with admin support from Nicci French at Voice of Infertility, we invite you to join us over here. We look forward to meeting you.