Holiday and home

A while ago I wrote about how I was struggling at Christmas (and again in March) about going away and the return home - I posted about it on the Facebook page here in May. I think our unexpected lives can leave us exposed to all sorts of struggles that others may not appreciate and returning home is one of them. Home is meant to be a place of comfort, but often it can hold so many painful memories. I have often wondered what to do with the spare rooms and I can identify a lot of holiday photos around the times I wasn't doing so well.

I was cautious then about going away. I did okay. By keeping myself 'in the moment' and using meditation techniques I coped on a relatively good scale*. This is a breakthrough! I also looked at a lot of photos and worked out that we travel more than I thought. So whilst I thought I was stuck, I am not as sedentary as I thought.

My takeaway is that we mustn't let life escape us by worrying about what we can't always control. Mindful appreciation of what we have now is a good way to tackle the 'what if' worries.

*until I reached South Mimms services on Friday at 3pm. Trust me, don't go to this place at this time. On the plus side, the volume of humans in this place taught me another lesson. I can travel from Gloucester to Cambridge without requiring the ladies room. 

Do you have any thoughts on home and what it means, share in a comment below or pop me a message, add yourself to our gallery. 


Molly at Strete Gate, Devon

Molly at Strete Gate, Devon