Something I wanted to share with Walk In Our Shoes is this campaign to combat loneliness. As you know I'm a huge fan of Ageing Without Children and I worry a lot about being alone in the future. I think we all have concerns about this which is why any group or campaign who build communities are so important. 

Making a change now may help redirect society into taking better care of those who find themselves alone for any reason. Christmas can be a tough time for anyone who is involuntary childless.

Set up by Brenda Cox, the husband of the late Jo Cox, the aim is to make connections. He says, “Jo believed in stronger communities as the best answer to loneliness, and that’s even more true at Christmas. Mince pie moments are an excuse to reach out to someone lonely, or have a chat with someone in our street.”

There is more information and a pack on the Great Get Together website. I hope you can get involved.