Walking Forward Inspirational Network

We have over 60 members in our network and it's growing each day. Nicci Fletcher from Voice of Infertility and CNBC magazine and I are kept very busy and we love this. 

The group is all about support. Lately we've had a vote on branding, talked about our ideal location and we have skills swap too, trading all manner of talents. 

We have a few musts to help us to help you. They are:

We avoid a promotion dumping ground by asking people to post links once a week, this encourages everyone to get active and use the wealth of inspiration to build lasting connections with fellow inspirationals. 

We always give genuine feedback to others to help them grow. The network is a place for helping others, and giving constructive feedback. 

We like members who use the group and start discussions as it's getting the best from the network. 

We keep it private. The network is a safe place for people to vent, confess, cry, and share struggles, so we can help each other the best we can. We show love, compassion and support for people when they are overwhelmed and frustrated. Being an inspirational is not always good. There are down times too. 

The network is unique and I’d like to keep it that way because I am very proud of my idea! We ask that nobody joins to copy our set up. We encourage originality and ask for feedback and we’ll support you with a new venture of your own. We love others who love us and I see it as the more the merrier. 

If you request to join and you don't answer the prompted questions which protect our members, then I'm sorry, even if we may already know you, your request will be declined.

Our weekly regular posts are:
Mondays - motivational thread, where we’ll ask a question around goal setting
Tuesday is the promo thread where you can share your work, social media and links - basically go for it!
Wednesday is our problem solving day, share your worries or concerns.
Thursday - we ask an obscure a random question about life as an inspirational and share skills swaps.
Friday - is our fun day, share gif or a photo or your week and share those weekend plans.

if you'd like to join us then you have to be on Facebook, and the link is here