Non-trigger books and films

So you're sat in your pjs, really loving the film and then there's a curved ball. A plot twist that the writer or the producer thought was great but for you, this miracle pregnancy or happy adoption threw you (because nobody ever shows how emotionally painful adoption is or the lead actor in the toilets at work injecting herself with meds for IVF, the grief and recovering of involuntary childlessness). In fictional lands on the printed page or the screen they just happen. 

My moment was throwing a book at a wall when the plot twist was to solve infertility with a comedy witches spell. 

So on Twitter chat today @childlesshour at 8pm BST (I think it's the last time I can say BST this year), we're sharing great book and films that don't trigger. Please do come and join us, it's a great week to just test out Twitter chats and see if you like them.

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