Links that Walk loves

There are so many resources out there to support and assist men and women who are coming to terms with a life they were not expecting. This page will often update so check back frequently. If you run a support service or a blog that you think will benefit anyone who is involuntary childless, then please do get in touch.

Walk In Our Shoes would be very grateful if you can let the site owners know that you saw their link on this page.  

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Groups founded by Walk In Our Shoes

Walking Forward Inspirational Group

If your plan B is to get out there and do 'something' but you'd like to work out what the something is then...

We'll work as a community to help each other through the tough times, turn the scribbles into plans and celebrate the great stuff. The group is on Facebook, set up for men and women who are involuntary childless and it's a closed group. You don't have to have posted on Walk In Our Shoes to join us. 

We have daily prompts, useful links, shared in a safe space free from labels and lingo, dedicated to sharing the challenges that come from our shared journey. 


#childlesshour Twitter chat

Established by Walk In Our Shoes and welcoming guest hosts, this Twitter chat ran for 10 months, every single week including Xmas! It's been put on a temporary hold to allow Berenice to focus on World Childless Week with Steph Phillips and the World Childless Week champions but if you'd like to share the hosting duties please let us know

Groups and blogs recommended by Walk In Our Shoes

British Association of Counselling

The British Association of Counselling has an online directory of therapists. In my experience, you may have to talk to the different therapists to find one that is most suitable for you. It took me a while to find someone able to understand infertility. Don't forget that your IVF clinic may also provide a counsellor. 


Cancer and Fertility 

Becki McGuiness runs this website which is growing and developing, to offer support to anyone affected by cancer and fertility.



Cruse is a UK wide resource to help people after the death of a loved one. Whilst it's focussed around the death in later life, rather than miscarriage or early childloss, the site does have a number of resources and lots of helpful links. 


Gateway Women

A global support network for women who find themselves childless not by choice.


Married and Childless

A blog written by Michael and Vickie Hughes in Australia.


Meriel Whale

Meriel Whale is childless not by choice, and offers counselling to men and women in the same position. She also offers general counselling to all aged 16+. She qualified in 2010 from Brighton University. 


Not So Mommy

Brandi Lytle is a wife, dog mom, aunt, host mom, infertile woman.  She is redefining what momhood means to her and strives to focus on the bright sides of being childless.  Her hope is to inspire others to be their authentic selves and discover a Plan B that brings them joy!


Post IVF World

A blog from a 'girl living in a post IVF world.



Relationships can really struggle under the weight of infertilty. Relate offers face to face and online support for everyone.


Strength Through Infertility

A blog that focusses on life with infertility. 


The Dovecote 

This group provides support for people facing involuntary childlessness. 



The Miscarriage Association

This charity provides support for anyone who has experienced miscarriages, molar or ectopic pregnancies, their friends and family. I found the resources booklets incredibly comforting when I was struggling with going back to work. 


The empty space grief recovery service

Run by Lindsay, a supporter of this site, this service supports us through our grief.


We Are Many Nomos 

We Are Many Nomos runs an annual conference in the UK where you can meet other coming to terms with life without children and listen to talks.


World Childless Week 

Stephanie Phillips is the founder of World Childless Week which runs every September. 2018 is the second year and Walk In Our Shoes is delighted to be supporting Steph. Find out more by clicking the button and having a look at her website!