IVF is 40 video post

Today I am bringing you two video posts. Both have been recorded to mark the 40th birthday of Louise Brown, the first IVF baby and of course, IVF. The first is from Childless Voices and hosted by Jody Day from Gateway Women. In the second, I talk about IVF, us and Bourn Hall. 

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National Fertility Awareness Week #IVFis40 what does this mean to us?

It’s 40 years since 10 November 1977 when Louise Joy Brown – the world’s first IVF baby - was conceived. Today Fertility Network UK are commemorating the anniversary by sharing #IVFis40 facts, milestones and memories, including when IVF does not work.

I was in my parents kitchen and heard that Louise Brown had been born. I thought that was weird - does she look like a test tube, how do you get a baby out of test tube?! This was before I knew about the facts of life, and I went back to annoying my brother probably. Either way, it was a bit of news that passed me by mostly.

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