Friday Find: Brene Brown

Self worth and value are two challenging subjects that appear often in the journey to acceptance. Having spoken with two good friends doubt their worth this past week because of difficult situations and powerful influences that would have tested anyone, it felt like an appropriate time to highlight the work of Dr Brene Brown.  

Dr Brene Brown focuses on the impact of shame, and what we can do to become what she calls “shame resilient,” where we’re able to quickly identify and dissolve shame triggers. There are so many shame triggers in loss events and our experiences of grief and the way that other people respond to our loss events and experiences of grief. Shame adds stress and suffering to grief and separates us from each other, which disconnects us from the valuable transformational and supportive power of connection and community. When we know our shame triggers and can dissolve shame experiences, then we’re always able to know what we need in our grieving journey and we can clearly communicate what we need, which enriches our relationships, giving us access to the transformational power of community.

For me, Brene Brown has a wide reach in her work that extends to many areas of life. Several women I know, who have been through infertility and find themselves adjusting to a new life, sing her praises. Undoubtedly her impact in our tribe is positive, but her work speaks to many. I find her work incredibly useful as a resource for those who wonder how best to support a friend or relative going through grief and life changes. If you're in doubt then do watch this on empathy