Wishing you a peaceful Christmas

...and a gentle New Year. 

It's easy to get swept up in the chaos that is Christmas and overestimate our strength. So have a peaceful time, take a few moments for you whatever you're doing. I'm planning to go for a walk and have a heap of books to read over the break. I shall find a quiet corner and ensure I do that and get some fresh air each day. Likewise New Year can feel full of resolutions and a million promises about weight and goals. Be gentle about it, and realistic. For me, January is the worst time for healthy eating and dragging myself to a gym on a dark evening, it's about hibernating and mindfulness. Leave the salad until I can grow it in the garden or on a windowsill. 

I send thanks and love wherever you are for your support this year. If you've read a post, talked to me on Twitter on @ChildlessHour (which is running on Boxing Day if you'd like to join us) or Facebook, joined the Walking Forward Inspiration Network then you've made a difference to me. Thank you!

Do look on our blog tomorrow when I have an exciting update for you from one of our most popular contributors during World Childless Week. I am thrilled about this!

Merry Christmas from me and Molly 

Merry Christmas from me and Molly