Walk, a new zine.

Spanking new, totally free ‘zine’. Inspired by counter-culture, social uprising and powerful statements. Professional, powerful design. Impactful imagery and inspiring content.


Walk is quarterly, entirely online via ISSU and for the community. It's designed and created by Berenice, who is an award-winning digital and print designer but it's for the entire community. Walk loves art, photography, fiction, flash fiction, top tips, your story - anything original and different. 

Walk is a community lead 'zine that's completely free to read. So if you're  in the mag, then embed the link to your site so we share that credit. As if words were not enough... everyone gets a mention on the social media channels for Walk In Our Shoes including ChildlessHour. Phew!  Walk has a social media marketing campaign and a promotional pack going to support services. The project is  supported by Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and The Pitch.  

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The Selfie, Spring 2018

Screw up the invite to the baby shower, turn off Call The Midwife and mute the noise about Sunday 11th. There is more to life.

It's brighter if we shine a light together.

Rising Up Walk Childless magazine cover Summer 2018.png

Rising Up

The Summer 'zine is all about celebrating our talents. The best of you and all you can be. Rise up, be seen and join in. Walk welcomes writers, bloggers, illustrators and photographers, and those with unusual hobbies. Go on, tell us what you get up to in your spare time.