Rosalind Bubb

Rosalind Bubb

Meet Rosalind Bubb

Hello everyone, my name is Rosalind Bubb and I’m an online therapist (which means that I work with people all around the world, using Skype and FaceTime.) I live in a little town near Cambridge, in the UK.

I support anyone who’s had a miscarriage (or more than one) and anyone who wants to feel happier and more peaceful being “childless not by choice.” I’ve had twelve miscarriages myself (including one ectopic, one at 14 weeks and one after IVF) and I don’t have any children, but in spite of that I’m in the unusual position of being very happy, peaceful and well. 

I managed to reach this point by using EFT “tapping” (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) and I now help others to change the way they feel, using these same self-help tools. They’re very powerful, effective, and gentle and you can use them on yourself, any time that you want to feel better.

Do I have a Plan B? Actually, I don’t! 

Funnily enough, I’ve never really thought of myself as being “childless.” I’ve thought of myself as having had twelve miscarriages, instead. And I’ve been a woman on a mission to make that as un-painful as possible! 

The “tapping” and TAT are incredibly effective at taking the pain away from unpleasant and traumatic memories, and that’s what I’ve focussed on. And it now truthfully feels as if I haven’t had any miscarriages at all… (which is an extraordinary thing to say, I know.) 

And the very unexpected bonus side-effect from doing all of this is that the pain about being childless has disappeared too, along the way, without my ever specifically focussing on it. Hence, I’ve not created a Plan B…

Over the years I’ve had a huge amount of support from the community of teachers, friends and colleagues who I’ve met, through training (and continuing) to be an EFT and TAT practitioner. And I have made so many wonderful friends through creating and running my own business too.

And in the years when I was miscarrying (and when I was coming to terms with being childless) I’ve found a great deal of friendship and support from the men and women I did Ceroc dancing with, once or twice a week: we were there to have fun, and really enjoy ourselves, and no-one talked about their children (if they had them.) And dancing itself makes you happy!

Throughout all of this I’ve had professional support, and I really recommend seeking that, if you can. I had no idea that it was possible to change the way I was feeling, and to heal the trauma and the grief I’d experienced, and to come out the other side feeling peaceful, happy and positive! But the people who helped me knew that it was possible, and they guided and supported me throughout it all.

It takes time to put what we’ve been through behind us. (It took time to reach the point where you are now, and you can’t change the way you feel about it over night!) But if you start the process, and keep going, then amazing things can happen. It really is possible to feel happier and more peaceful, and you can do that. And you deserve it. xx

Rosalind’s websites are: – easing the pain of childlessness – emotional care and practical tools to help you feel better)