Marching on! News from Walk In Our Shoes

I have received a couple of messages asking if Walk In Our Shoes is carrying on. Yes! Yes! Yes!

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I've been involved with World Childless Week, setting up the new website, training Steph to use it and supporting on promotion so you'll have seen a lot of WCW content around. Walk In Our Shoes is delighted to support WCW but it's still carrying on with force and determination!

In August, I presented at Pecha Kucka Cambridge and you can watch the video here

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As Kenny and I are both WCW Champions, we're very keen to get more stories on the site and this week had a story from Zohir who said he wrote because World Childless Week was focusing on men, saw that we had stories from men and found confidence from knowing Kenny was involved. Confidentiality was important to him because of his religion. 

Another reason that people have written here, is not wishing to have the commitment of a blog. Gilli who wrote recently mentioned this to me. Getting her words out and published in a safe space from where she could choose to share is using this site to it's best advantage. 

If you are bravely sharing your words with me then the least I can do, is make sure that they are read by others. Presenting and talking to audiences who are not part of our tribe is important to me because Walk In Our Shoes is about education. It's why the site has the name it does and doesn't mention childlessness. I start with the design first in most talks. I'm also pleased to tell you that I'm in talks with the University of Cambridge on sharing childlessness stories with psychology students, which is part of the plan to get the message out their further.

The other bits of news is that you can meet me, and Steph from WCW on 11th September. We're going to be at the Betjeman Arms, St Pancras after our radio interview with Bibi Lynch. More details here

To find out more about World Childless Week click here

To send in your story to Walk In Our Shoes, click here, I'll be thrilled and honoured to hear from you.