Would you like to host Childless Hour on Twitter? Would you like to be a guest?

I'm looking for some help.

I would like to share the reigns of the Twitter chat #childlesshour. The chat was set up in August 2017 and has run every week since then with me hosting. I'd like to share this tried and tested chat with other bloggers and help to share the breadth of the chat. 


I would like to share the blog hosting with one or two others so we can rotate the duties each month. Ideally you'll be experienced in Twitter and Tweet Deck. You would have been part of the chat recently or at some point in it's lifetime. You'll understand that it's not a sales pitch and the role of the host is to be supportive and guiding all chatter so that everyone gets the opportunity to talk. The chat is a way to grow your followers and with a good reach on the account now with an average .4% engagement rate. In stat terms three likes, two retweets, and no replies, you're still at a .5% engagement rate, which is significantly higher than the big brand average.

The handover and intro will be done at a pace you are comfortable with and there is support via Zoom too. 

Guest chatters

Many of our chatters come to us at different stages of their journey. They may be going through IVF, coming to terms with a recent BFN or miscarriage. They could be a few months or years past their journey and coming to terms with their journey or be focussing on a plan B. Either way, sharing our wisdom is a huge benefit. If you have a counselling based service or a story to share, an area of infertility that you think needs to be talked about then you might wish to become a guest on our chat.  Share your advice, meet our regular chatters and support them. Childless Hour will be happy to share your details and promote the chat for you with links to your site and account. 

Do drop me a line if either appeal via this site or on social media, I'd love to hear from you.