New ideas, new look!

A few weeks ago I popped out a request on Twitter and Facebook asking for feedback on how easy it was to find information on Walk In Our Shoes. Thank you to those who tweeted and replied on Facebook and Instagram, and espeically if you took the time to email me too. 

New landing page for Walk In Our Shoes

New landing page for Walk In Our Shoes

You'll now find that the website loads to a brand, spanking new landing page so you can find your way around a lot easier! I hope you like it! You'll also see that I've put all the links into neat folders. Under 'Get In Touch' you can email me via the form, find writing tips, get the low down on why Walk In Our Shoes happened and nosey all about me! In Twitter and Facebook you'll get the links to the two support initiatives I've created. And finally, there is the blog. 

Why a new look?

The site has grown so much since August last year when I began Childless Hour, the twitter chat that was set up to support World Childless Week, run by Stephanie Phillips. Nine months later (ironically!), the chat is still providing a huge success with a band of regulars and new faces popping in as time allows. The chats were hugely popular on Boxing Day and Mothering Sunday when we gained over 10,000 reaches (in Twitter analysis, impressions are the number of views a tweet receives; reach is the number of people who see it). Every chat always ends with several participants saying how much it's helped them through the week and aided their mental wellbeing and that's all I need to know to keep it going.

In addition, the Walking Forward Inspirational Network has grown to over 90 members. This Facebook-based group is for anyone who wants to chat, explore and share the journey through involuntary childlessness. The group shares goals, tips and advice on a huge range of subjects and we have a weekly promo thread for news and blog updates. It's entirely organic and how it runs is down those who join it. 

These ideas have grown much bigger than I expected them to be which is great but also sobering as it underlines to me how much more can be done to help our community feel less isolated! It got me thinking and talking to a few influencers in the field about sharing information ahead of World Childless Week.

Next week I'm looking forward to sharing news on podcasts with you and asking for your help. Do look out for the Monday update!